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Home cooking for sick dogs - avoiding prescription diets for pets

Posted by Morena Faceira on Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

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Forget that prescription diet food your pet hates. Our easy homemade dog food recipes were designed to meet the needs of dogs with specific diseases, taste good and cost you less money!

Perhaps you’ve been feeding your pet a special (and expensive) prescription diet to control or alleviate his or her disease. You know the one. That processed and often tasteless pet food your veterinarian recommends…

Quite simply, those processed, prescription diet dog foods are loaded with junk ingredients such as potato product, hydrolyzed organ meats, potato starch, soybean oil, rice, egg product, maize (aka corn), dried beet pulp and the list goes on and on.

Often times the first ingredient is water! Your dog knows the difference between good foods and not so good foods.

While they make bold promises to treat your pet’s disease, there is no guarantee that they help at all and may even contribute to the problem.

Check for yourself. Look on the back of a bag of any prescription diet dog food. What you’ll find is a whole list of chemicals, additives and fillers amongst the other questionable ingredients.

But don’t give up on your best friend just yet. Luckily there’s a simple solution to your dog’s nutritional needs for his or her ailing health.

And this treatment won’t cost you an arm and a leg like those prescription diet pet foods you find at your veterinarian’s office. Plus, I want you to be happy with your purchase which is why the book is...

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