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The good food guide for cats : purrfect homemade cat food recipes

Posted by Morena Faceira on Minggu, 08 Desember 2013

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Remember... commercially produced cat food, that is sold in stores, is made by big corporations... for only one reason... PROFIT. PROFIT, PROFIT

No government agency tests the food for cats, nor verifies that what is printed on the label is actually what is in the can, pouch or bag. They never test if it gets mixed with any contaminates along the processing, how old, or rotting, the ingredients were before they were added… or if is even healthy… or actually damaging to your cat. It’s all just in the name of profit, you know.

So… if you were the commercial manufacturer… only interested in the absolute highest of profits… knowing that no one is inspecting… what would you be tempted to put into your cat food? After all, no one would ever know.

Commercial cat food is usually made of the cheapest waste by-products (stuff that would make you throw up if you saw it being added) of the manufacturing process of other things produced at other plants… disgusting waste parts they would normally be throwing away if they were not going to put it into cat food to help fill the can so cheaply, and save money. And if the manufacturers can ever find cheaper, more repulsive, filler items to use in their non inspected cat food, they would.

Can you even imagine how much further this goes in cat food manufactured in foreign countries that is then shipped into this country for sale, because it is even cheaper from overseas?

This is the most important guide you will ever read on feeding your cat the most...

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