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Video course - radiance refinishing

Posted by Morena Faceira on Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

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Learn How You Can Refinish Your Front Door Like a Professional and Achieve a Beautiful, Long-Lasting Furniture-Grade Front Door Finish…

I contacted a log-home refinisher in Denver who taught me the secrets of how to strip exterior wood and finish them with long oils.

His techniques were crude, and I had to adapt them to exterior doors, but I ended up refinishing those doors for about a 6-months of free rent!

That year I refinished about 300-doors in Breckenridge, CO which sits at 9,600 feet high. At that elevation not only are there incredible temperature extremes but the UV penetration at almost 2-miles high is several tmes more than sea level. I quickly discovered which oils stood the test of time, as well as many other short-cuts, techniques, and methods I still use to this day.

Since my first door I have refinished thousands of doors and entryways. In 2003 I started a website about door refinishing RadianceRefinishing.com. Almost immediately people from all over the country began emailing and calling, asking me how they could get such a high-quality finish, the same finish I charge $2,500 for.

In order to help others I decided to put everything I’ve learned and discovered into this complete course on Door Refinishing…

Learn the tools of the trade.Save time & money by investing in and using the right tools for the job.

With the “Door Refinishing in 5-Steps Video & Ebook Course” you will watch on video as I go...

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