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Commercial loan training - lender endorsed - phoenix capital consulting

Posted by Morena Faceira on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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Here is your first step in learning how to pre-qualify your commercial loans before you submit them to your lender

Learn tax return & cash flow analysis for multifamily, retail, owner user (SBA), single tenant, mixed use and all investor properties

I have written these Ebooks in exactly the way I analyze my loan transactions and property analysis. I've been using these methods for years and they have served me well for the hundreds of commercial loans that I've originated.

Bank loan officers, asset managers and your prospective clientele will appreciate working with an experienced mortgage broker rather than one who is merely "cutting-his-teeth" on the loan transaction.

These commercial loan training ebooks are unique and one-of-a-kind...that's why they are endorsed by the commercial lenders.

Book 1: "How To Analyze Tax Returns For Cash Flow...Qualifying Borrowers For Commercial Real Estate Loans"

Tax return cash flow analysis is easy.With these commercial loan training manuals, you will learn how to abstract the necessary income & expenses from your borrower's tax returns.

Cash flow abstract made simple...all you do is move figures from the tax returns to the cash flow analyzer. Arrive at your bottom line with a simple calculator or use the cash flow templates provided.

It's an easy and efficient way to prequalify your borrower's cash flow position when working with their tax returns

You have provided a means to effectively vet a deal, and to create a positive...

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