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Defeat debt collectors with the credit card debt survival guide

Posted by Morena Faceira on Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

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Are you worried about real or potential threats and actions against you by a debt collector or collection attorney?

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Would you like to have a ready response that will make that debt collector or collection attorney go away?

Or, if you are one of the few actually served, would you like to be prepared to answer a credit card debt summons in a way that frustrates the collection attorney?

I was in the same situation.  I had to eliminate credit card debt totaling $63,000 I could not pay. I did not know who to trust or where to turn. I had feelings of hopelessness. After a lot of research and some learning experiences, I discovered that if you can knowledgably frustrate debt collectors and collection attorneys, they do not want to work harder to collect from just you.  They are paid on commission.  They are motivated to focus their energies on the thousands of other non-resistant consumer debtors assigned to them.

I learned the credit card companies, their debt collectors and their collection attorneys take advantage of our fears.  They play on our good conscience. They lie to us to collect money. In 2009, according to creditcards.com, over 15 million people defaulted on their credit card debt.  Going into debt or staying in debt to pay for monthly necessities is a common occurrence in today’s economy.  Clearly, your credit card debt problem is not unique.  You are not alone.  And that, believe...

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