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Posted by Morena Faceira on Sabtu, 04 Januari 2014

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A second from my favourite author Miss Tenenbaum, ‘Left and Right Brain’ is wonderful take on exploring the deep secrets within the so-creative human mind. It imparts on the reader, amateur and professional photographers alike, the wisdom to discriminate between a decent and a great photograph. It deals with the fundamentals of psychological science behind photography. The book is awesome, a very first of its kind and a brave attempt to write something otherwise inexplicable. Not only is  Sharon a distinguished artist but a ‘great teacher’ too. I strongly recommend it to all.

                                                            Satya Jyoti Sarkar, Architect 

Who better than a self-taught engineer/photographer to decipher the mystery of why we like what we like.

Sharon Tenenbaum elegantly details the neurobiology of our subconscious attraction to photographic art.

With brilliant insights from culture and language Sharon reveals some of natures tricks to create photos that appeal and endure.  Bravo

                          Gary Ratson M.D., author of  ’The Meaning of Health’ and forthcoming ‘The Painful Truth’

Sharon Tenenbaum’s book is a must read for people who want to explore a different approach to photography and art. She explains in layman’s terms the compelling evidence that the Left side and the Right side of the brain can be utilized to produce photos and art that are completely different to the mundane cookie cutter photos that most people produce. Her book is extremely well researched and scientific evidence supports her claims.

Sharon’s skill as an author lets you understand completely the function of the brain and she...

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