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The best brainwave entrainment program - the brainwave power pack

Posted by Morena Faceira on Jumat, 10 Januari 2014

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When I first heard of the Brainwave Power Pack, I was highly skeptical, to be honest. I had been dealing with migraine all my life, often waking up at night due to the severity of my headaches. After using the track dedicated to headaches in the Brainwave Power Pack, I now feel like a new man. I can sleep at night and I can easily focus on my work. I have even drastically reduced my daily intake of paracetamol!

I am, or rather I was, the biggest procrastinator on Earth. I could never do anything, as I was always paralyzed by fear and apprehension. Not only did I lose my old job because of procrastination, I also got into deep financial trouble simply because I never paid my bills on time. The money was in my bank account but I just never paid the bills anyway! "Oh, this can wait another day" was what I was always thinking. Then I tried the Brainwave Power Pack and, after listening to the "Procrastination" track on my iPod twice over a three-day period, I finally started doing some of the things I was supposed to do. Small things at first, like household chores, but then I moved on to more difficult endeavours, something I would never have thought possible just a few months ago!

1. Addiction to drugs or alcohol 2. Anxiety relief (incl. Panic attacks) 3. Arthritis relief 4. Being a leader 5. Improve your concentration 6. Improve your creativity 7. Depression relief 8. Energy booster 9. Hair loss prevention 10. Headache relief

11. Insomnia relief 12. Improve your memory 13. Premenstrual syndrome relief (PMS) 14. Stop procrastinating! (Getting things done) 15. Quit smoking 16. Deep relaxation 17. Boost your self-esteem 18. Improve your libido and sexual potency 19. Weight loss

TRACK 1: DEEP PRAYERS The binaural beats embedded in this track will help stimulate the spiritual areas of your brain, allowing you to pray with additional fervor and opening your mind to new religious experiences. (Digital Download)

TRACK 2: VIVID DREAMING Thanks to this bonus track's embedded binaural beats, you will be able to promote vivid and lucid dreaming. These techniques allow regular people to control their dreams by generating new environments or situations with their thoughts. (Digital Download)

The Brainwave Power Pack's Users Guide This e-book contains every thing you need to know about how to use your powerful new Brainwave Power Pack. (Digital Download)

Essential Advice on Meditation This e-book contains excerpts from the teachings on medidation of one of the most famous Tibetan monks, Sogyal Rinpoche and answers questions related to the essence of meditation and its goals. (Digital Download)

Basic Meditation Techniques Learn how to properly meditate to get in touch with your inner self by following the techniques outlined in this e-book. (Digital Download)

The Practice of Reality Written by one of the leading female Christian theologists of her time, this e-book outlines techniques that can be used to get closer to God and Heaver by focusing on your body and mind. (Digital Download)

The Science of Getting Rich This e-book is a practical manual that will explain in details how you can start working on becoming wealthy by changing the way you apprehend the world and yourself. (Digital Download)

Lessons in Truth Twelve practical lessons on life, Heaven and God derived from the Christian faith. (Digital Download)

Do you want to talk to Jim Carr about the method? If so, you will be able to ask questions by email to Jim Carr, developer of the Brainwave Power Pack, and get a personalized reply within the next two business days! (Valid for three months after purchase - Via E-mail)

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