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Posted by Morena Faceira on Minggu, 08 Juni 2014

12×12 Challenge
Registration for the 12 x 12 challenge in 2014 is now CLOSED. Please sign up here to receive information about signing up in 2015.

Click here to register for Margaret Wise BRONZE with quarterly payments Shel SILVERstein - Write, Revise. Need some help, but going without? Writing makes you scream and shout? Put down your pen and sign up now. 12 x 12 will show you how, 

When you’re feeling plagued with doubt A support group’s what it’s all about. Perhaps you already have a stockpile of manuscripts drafted, and you would like to challenge yourself to revise some of them while also writing new ones. The Shel SILVERstein level gives you the ability to get feedback on YOUR work - queries, pitches and manuscripts - perfect for writers want to focus on both writing and revising. Shel SILVERstein is also perfect for agented, published authors who would like access to an instant platform. A place to share your books, events, trailers AND to get promotion assistance (in the Help an Author Out section of the Forum) from fellow members. Shel SILVERstein includes:

Hmmmm…..I’m not sure what to do! I want to join…but I’m afraid to spend the money… any suggestions on what to do if one is just starting to get back into writing? I REALLY am serious about it – and think maybe I should just dive in…but…. I hate spending money!

If you are REALLY serious do you really hate spending the money or is it really about something else? You do also admit to being afraid to spend the money. Why? Can we support you in anything? How will you feel if you don... Read More detail

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